Seam of Silver

Noughts and Crosses

  (Hugs and Kisses)

This collection is all about circles, ovals (noughts) and crosses.  It came about because many people sign off their email or message text with hugs and kisses represented by 0 and X and this started me thinking about the playful game noughts and crosses ... and so the collection started. It is a romantic statement collection with sterling silver pieces textured with vintage lace.

The handmade silverwork is accessorised with bamboo coral, sea sponge and jasper as well as agate which has a wonderfully patterned lacy texture on it to complement the textured silver


The collection so far comprises necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all with differing amounts of attachments, some elegantly sparse, some fantastically festooned.

I will be adding pieces all the time as I make them and will affix more photographs to this page.

Seam of Silver is the business of designer-maker Helene Shovlar

IMG_5267 IMG_5274

This ring comprises a thick circle with an inverted semi-circle containing a ring attachment to which various items can be added, the lace textured oval or cross and a piece of agate.  It also doubles up as a beautiful pendant.